20th March 2018
Motorist stopped on the M55 for driving without a tyre
Motorist stopped on the M55 for driving without a tyre

Traffic police in North Lancashire have posted images on social media of a vehicle they stopped on Sunday in rather unusual circumstances.

Following a reports from members of the public, the patrol unit found the car driving on the short M55 motorway near Preston with an entire wheel missing.

The photographs show only the shattered remains of a wheel bolted to the front passenger side hub, with the rest of the wheel and tyre completely missing

14th March 2018
Air-Seal Products announce retail market expansion with Mole Valley Farmers

After eighteen years of national supply, Air-Seal Products Ltd is pleased to announce an expansion in the retail market.  The local Wellington, Somerset based company have recently teamed up with agricultural co-operative group Mole Valley Farmers and will see their products on shelves in stores across the region.  

Alex Burnand Managing Director says “This marks an exciting time for Air-Seal Products as Mole Valley are key players within the South West Agri market.  We are confident our tried and tested product will not disappoint in this target market and we are excited about this new partnership”.

Air-Seal Products sealants provide a major solution in tyre management and provide a high level of tyre protection. It is intended for use in both on and off-road tyre applications and can be used in small or large tyres from commercial vehicles to industrial and agricultural equipment.

The tyre sealant will be available for purchase in stores and online from the beginning of March.

8th February 2018
Another AirSeal Chile Installation

Installation of our Armor-Seal product into a motor grader from the Chilean Ministry for Public Works Road division.

19th January 2018
An eventful LAMMA 2018

This was the last year that The LAMMA Show was to be at Peterborough and it was to be a memorable one. In 2019 the show will be moving to The NEC at Birmingham.

Day one proved to be a busy day with a lot of visitors to our stand, a good mix of existing and new customers, and we were able to process a number of orders from the stand so that customers could take advantage of our show offers. Several of our existing customers had said they would be visiting the show on day two so we had high hopes for another productive day.

Unfortunately over night the winds picked up and due to the extensive damage across the show ground the organisers eventually decided not to open the show to the public due to health and safety concerns. Many visitors were left stranded outside the show with a long return journey and the exhibitors waiting to get to their stands to clear up the mess and travel home as well.

If you were planning to speak to us on the second day and were not able to, then give us a call so that we can answer your questions. Alternatively we look forward to seeing you at another show later this year.

The wind may have closed The LAMMA Show a day early but Air-Seal is open for trade!

17th January 2018
Tyre Press - 40% of motorists drive on “dangerous” or “very dangerous” tyres

Running a car with tyres underinflated by 7psi decreases fuel efficiency by about one mile per gallon

Almost 40 per cent of cars in the UK are running on at least one tyre that is “dangerously” or “very dangerously” underinflated.

The figures come after Michelin and Kwik Fit inspected more than 500 vehicles in Tesco car parks around the UK.

Michelin classifies tyres that are between 7psi and 14psi below the manufacturer’s recommendation as “dangerously underinflated”, while 14 psi or more underinflation is deemed to be “very dangerous.”

Michelin and Kwik Fit technicians found 27.56 per cent of cars had at least one dangerous tyre, with 12.01 per cent having at least one very dangerous tyre.

Jamie McWhir, technical manager for Michelin in the UK, said: “Driving around on underinflated tyres costs money and it can cost lives. We wanted to team up with Kwik Fit to encourage motorists to check their tyre pressures regularly. It makes sense from a cost and environmental point of view, but more importantly it’s critical for the safety of the vehicle, its passengers, other road users and pedestrians.”

Running a car with tyres underinflated by 7psi decreases fuel efficiency by about one mile per gallon. Michelin estimates that underinflated tyres could be costing motorists in a city the size of Manchester more than £2 million a year in unnecessary fuel consumption – as well as pumping thousands of tonnes of additional CO2 into the atmosphere.

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, said: “Checking tyre pressure is as important as checking tread depth, as tyres at the wrong pressure will compromise handling, grip and braking. As well as the significant safety issues, incorrectly inflated tyres will hit drivers in the pocket through excessive fuel consumption and increased tyre wear.

“It’s worth reflecting on the fact that a car’s tyres are the only thing to connect it with the road and we urge motorists to check their air pressure, tyre condition and tread depth every fortnight.”

Michelin and Kwik Fit technicians found 28.3 per cent of cars had at least one dangerous tyre, with 24.3 per cent having at least one very dangerous tyre.

There are around 460 cars per 1,000 people in the UK. If that figure is mirrored in Manchester, and over half are driving on underinflated tyres, that means the 245,622 motorists in the Manchester city region could be wasting a total of over £2.6m a year.


10th January 2018
Long Service Award for team members
Long Service Award for team members

Congratulations to team members Suzy Grabham, Mike Smith and Ben Collard who have all been awarded their 10-year long service award with Air-Seal Products.  They were each presented with John Lewis vouchers from Directors Alex and Kerstin Burnand.  “We’re always delighted to mark long service milestones and thank, Suzy, Mike and Ben for all their hard work and loyalty over the past 10 years,” says Alex who founded the family business over eighteen years ago.


Pictured at the 2017 Air-Seal Products Christmas party at Wellington School.

4th December 2017
New letter of recommendation from Environmental Waste Services.

Josh Fothergill from E.W.S has written us a letter of recommendation! Josh says that he found little success using other products and was then recommended Air-Seal Products Heavy Duty Sealant and was 'amazed with the results!' He goes on to say that Air-Seal Products has saved him so much time and money and always recommends it to anyone. Another satisfied customer!

click here to view the original letter

24th November 2017
A successful show at Midlands Machinery!!

Our Managing Director Alex Burnand and colleague Mike Smith were manning the Air-Seal Products stand at The Midlands Machinery Show earlier this week, demonstrating how our tyre sealant can save customers much time, money and effort. We spoke to many happy customers over the two days and answered a lot of questions from new customers, with our show offers getting them started. Even after nearly eighteen years people are still amazed at how well Air-Seal Products tyre sealant works and how easy it is to install. We are looking forward to our next agricultural show will be LAMMA in January.

17th November 2017
Said Gidi, our Chilean Distributor exhibiting at EXPOCORMA 2017

EXPOCORMA is the leading business venture and trade expo in Latin America for forestry affairs and was held on the 8th - 10th November 2017 in Santiago, Chile.

Our Chilean Distributor Said Gidi was exhibiting last week and had a very successful show. Here he is surrounded by a crowd of interested spectators, demonstrating our premier tyre sealant.


23rd October 2017
Our Chilean distributor working hard at The Seguridad Show in Santiago, Chile

Here is Said Gidi, our Chilean distributor from Airseal-Chile, exhibiting at The Seguridad Show in Santiago, Chile. The show runs from 23rd - 25th October. You can find Said demonstrating our premier tyre sealants on Stand Number 643 ES.


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