22nd November 2016
Willshee's Skip Hire use of Air-Seal Products has lead to significant savings for the company

In September 2015, we met a group from Willshee's Skip Hire Ltd on our stand at the RWM show held at the NEC. They were very impressed with our demonstration of how our tyre sealant works, asked a lot of relevant questions and were clearly impressed with how we could save them time and money by using our sealants.


Since then, Willshee's have become a regular customer, ordering sealant every month. They use our Heavy Duty tyre sealant in both their road going vehicles and in various plant at their waste transfer sites.


Having spoken to Dave Willshee, he has informed us that the company has eliminated the majority of call outs to tyre companies, this means the lorries and machinery they run are not delayed in anyway and also reduces the frustration of ‘downtime'. This has lead to significant savings for the company across the board.

11th October 2016
Tyre-Related Vehicle Offences on the Rise

According to Police data collated by Kwik Fit, defective tyres account for a growing proportion of the total penalty points drivers receive for cars in poor condition.
The automotive fast-fit and repair company looked at data from the 23 police forces that provided a breakdown of statistics suitable for analysis (out of 46 police forces asked under a Freedom of Information request); Kwik-Fit focused on data pertaining to penalty points handed out for vehicle defects over the past three years. Its analysis showed that tyre-related issues accounted for 50 per cent of the defective vehicle offences for which drivers received penalty points last year - up from 40 per cent in 2013.
Most of these offences were related to insufficient tread, with 65 per cent of the penalty points given out for tread depths below the legal minimum of 1.6 millimetres. A further two per cent of the penalty points were handed to drivers whose vehicles didn't even have 1 millimetre of tread on at least one tyre, while 26 per cent of tyre-related penalty point cases relate to the use of a motor vehicle or trailer fitted with a tyre worn down to the ply or cord. Insufficient or excessive tyre inflation only accounted for three per cent of cases, and two per cent of the penalty points were issued for the use of a tyre with a lump, bulge or tear.
This analysis supports the findings of a UK-wide study conducted by Tyresafe in conjunction with Highways England; this showed that the tread on 27.3 per cent of tyres at the time of their replacement was already below 1.6 millimetres. Using this study as a yardstick, Tyresafe estimates that 10 million vehicles plying UK roads this year could be driving on illegal tyres.
"These figures reveal that some drivers on British roads are taking serious risks with both their own safety and the safety of other road users. We would encourage drivers to pay much closer attention to the condition of their tyres - after all, they are the only things keeping their car connected to the road," comments Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit. "There is absolutely no excuse for a tyre being worn down so far that its ply or cord is exposed - it will have gone past the legal minimum way before that point. If drivers are trying to save money on their motoring, then risking penalty points, a fine and higher insurance premiums by not replacing their tyres is not the best way to go about it."

29th September 2016
New Letter of Recommendation from Global Recycling Solutions Ltd

We have just received a new testimonial from Global Recycling Solution Ltd who have been buying our Heavy Duty tyre sealant for the last 9 years,


'The feedback from our customers is also very positive so I am always happy to recommend your sealant... We look forward to many more years of successful installation of your sealant.'


please click here to view letter


25th September 2016
New Testimonial from Macleod Construction Ltd

We have received a new testimonial from our customer Macleod Construction Ltd; a construction company based in Lochgilpead, Argyll who have been using our tyre sealant since 2005,


'In addition [to reducing our puncture rate] through the use of Heavy Duty product we have seen increased tyre life which aids productivity on site and maximises tyre performance.'


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21st September 2016
New Air-Seal Products distribution in Bolivia

We wish our new distributor Julio Daza in Bolivia the best of luck, having last week exhibited at Expocruz in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Their first show was a great success, attracting many visitors to the usual Air-Seal Products tyre hammering exercise! This now expands our South American network to include Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

14th September 2016
We've just received a testimonial from Freshwater Independant Lifeboat

Air-Seal have just received a new testimonial from Freshwater Independant Lifeboats who use our sealants on their launch and recovery trolley tyres (as pictured below)


'The trolley is vital to our operation and considering the harsh marine environment we find ourselves in, Air-Seal have made the operation just that little easier.'


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29th July 2016
37% AA callouts are to ‘illegal or dangerous tyres’

More than a third (37.2%) of drivers who called out the AA to fit new tyres were either driving with tread depths below the 1.6mm legal minimum (9.6%) - or were on the limit (27.6%), according to the latest data from the AA. The AA analysed thousands of call outs in 2016 to its team of specialist tyre fitters - providing a snapshot of the state of tyres on Britain's roads.
The findings support new data from TyreSafe and Highways England showing that of 340,000 tyres measured across the industry, 66 per cent were below 2mm while 27 per cent were illegal.
The AA and TyreSafe advise that new tyres should be replaced when tread depth reaches 2mm (3mm in winter). Tyre pressures should be checked at least fortnightly, as well the general condition of the tyres, looking for cuts or bulges.
Mark Shankland, co-founder of the AA's mobile tyre fitting service, AA Tyres, commented: "Our findings point to an alarming lack of concern about tyres by British drivers. With summer upon us, now is a good time to should check your tyres before heading off on a long trip and replace them if there is 2mm of tread or less remaining.
"The dangers of driving on bald or balding tyres are clear. Not only is the risk of a blow-out greater but stopping distances are significantly increased too, especially on a wet road. If there's a sudden summer downpour there's a high chance of aquaplaning on worn tyres which means you lose control of your car with perhaps unthinkable consequences.

26th July 2016
Another delivery to one of our long term local customers...

Another delivery to one of our long term local customers. Darren finishing up the last of the old pail before treating a load of new tyres on their scaffolding truck fleet.


9th January 2006
Increase in tyre prices - we can decrease your tyre cost

Several leading tyre manufacturers have just increased their prices by up to 10% and also limited production of larger tyre sizes are resulting in a delayed delivery.

Use our tyre sealants and we can increase the tyre life by up to 20% and save you from replacement costs for your existing and new tyres.

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